What You NEED for Your Newborn!

What You NEED for Your Newborn!

As a first time mom, you probably think you need everything to make things go smoothly with the arrival of your bundle of joy. I’m here to tell you that’s not the case! I have a list of all of things I used when I brought my baby boy home.

First off, let me say that we were lucky enough to get all the things we needed and then some at my baby shower. Our family is very well loved and it turned out that we got everything except a stroller, extra car seat base, walker and high chair.

Obviously a car seat is extra essential because you can't take your little one home without one. We used the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 and we LOVE it. It fits tiny newborns and babies up to 35 lbs. Since it's apart of the Click Connect family, there are many more accessories and extras you can find, including extra bases and different kinds strollers. It may seem a little pricey but you can use it for a long time and its sold at multiple stores such as Amazon, Target & Kohl's and I'm sure some accept coupons. Also, if you have a baby registry at Amazon or Target, you get a discount off of your registry items! We ended up getting our car seat for under $100!

With all this car seat talk, we found getting head inserts for the car seat was helpful and our son is still using then at 6 months old. We got ours at Target and we love them! They're sold all over with different patterns and styles so I'm sure you'll find one that you love! Another tip is that if you don’t want to spend the money purchasing these, you can always roll up thick burp rags or blankets and create one of your own!

Another obvious one- diapers & wipes! My first bit of advice is to take what you can from the hospital. Our little dude came in at 8lbs 10oz and was still in newborn clothes & diapers. I have tried all kinds of diapers and although some run a little larger than others, they all pretty much fit the same. Seventh Generation & Honest Company diapers run the smallest, in my opinion, but are pretty pricey & https://www.huggies.com seem to run the bigger. We were able to keep our son in Huggies Newborn for about 3-4 weeks before switching to size one, where we transitioned to Seventh Gen. Another quick tip- Costco brand diapers are exactly the same as Huggies, just cheaper. You definitely get the most bang for your buck there. Also, if you stockpile Costco diapers, you can always return them with no questions asked and get a larger size. As far as wipes go, we have used both Huggies brand & Costco brand and both seem to do the job the same and cause no reaction for our little guy. At this point, it’s almost just a personal preference.

Even if you’re planning to breastfeed exclusively, you should always have bottles (and formula) on hand. I was able to get my breast pump through my insurance. It was the Medela Pump In Style and came with its own carrying case. In the very short amount of time I used it, it worked great and I would highly recommend it. Also, if you are breastfeeding, the Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads are lifesavers. They’re cooling and soothing AND reusable. I, unfortunately, was unable to breastfeed. My milk just never came in. Luckily, through our Amazon Registry  (and baby box we got for free) along with our Target Registry Baby Box, we had some bottles on hand. Also, we signed up for Similac & Enfamil programs and got a bunch of free samples. We found out very quickly that the premade formula did not sit well in our littles tummy and he would constantly projectile vomit each time we fed him that. After that, he really didn’t react to Similac or Enfamil any differently and we ultimately decided to stick with Enfamil Gentlease and now are feeding him off-brand of the same. He does completely fine with it, but I think we were really lucky to get such a great baby! We also use Dr. Brown’s bottles because of how slow the flow is. He had to suck so hard to try to get milk out of me the first week that it’s just continued and if there is a higher flow at all than the Dr. Brown’s level 1 nipple, it’s just way too fast. Although there are many parts to clean, we found it works best for our little one.

Each baby is different and some do not like swaddles but ours sure did! To be completely honest, I am not a fan of the velcro swaddles, but I know that some babies absolutely love them. We got ours from Target, I believe, and used them twice and he just wasn’t a fan. Our absolute favorites are the Muslin Swaddles! We got all ours from Target and they have held up fabulously! They’re also very light weight so make for great blankets all the way around. Since he was born in May, the hottest days crept up very quickly, but since he is so small still, it’s nice to have a light blanket to wrap him in at night or early in the morning.

People are right when they say you don’t need a lot of newborn clothes. If you know you’re having a larger baby, like we did, 4-5 onsies, a few soft pants, and 4-5 footed jammies will suffice. If you’re having a smaller babe, you may want to grab some more, but make sure you have the basics upon arrival because you won’t want to be scrambling at the last minute because you don’t have any newborn clothes. We like Target’s Cloud Island & Just One You by Carter’s footed jammies the best because they run a little bit longer. (Our kiddo was 21” when he was born, so he’s always run a bit long.  

Our Rock N Play was our lifesaver during the first month! It vibrated and rocked and helped our little dude sleep pretty well, considering they don’t sleep that the first month! It was great because it folded up so we could easily transport it and since he was familiar with it, he literally slept anywhere he was.

GET A BOUNCY CHAIR! Our babe LOVES his baby bouncer! We started putting him in it when he was about a week or so old and he would fall asleep in it because it vibrates and bounces/rocks. Now, at 6 months, he loves playing with the hanging toys and is still a happy camper when sitting in it. Since I work from home, it’s a great place to set him down in, near me, while I work on the computer.

All of these great products listed were SO helpful in the first few months.

Extended Stay Hospital Essentials!

Extended Stay Hospital Essentials!